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Tax Savings Analysis

Business Plan

In-Depth Checkup for the Tax and Financial Health of Your Business

Have you ever wondered if you're missing tax deductions in your small business?  Are you overpaying the government by four or five figures every year?  

Have you interviewed accountants, but felt that none of them seem to be enthusiastic about working with you to reduce your tax bill?  Maybe you're already working with an accountant, but you feel as though they may be missing deductions.  

We get it.  You might not want to bring on a new team of accountants just yet, but you want a little bit of help checking to see if you can bring your tax bill down.

We have you covered, our Tax Savings Analysis involves an in-depth comb-through of your taxes to see if you're putting money in Uncle Sam's pocket that should be staying in your bank account.


Here's how it works:

  • You submit your last three years of taxes, select financial reports, and fill out our onboarding questionnaire.

  • Our team goes to work and begins combing through all of your filings and reports.

  • You receive an in-depth report with the following information:

    • Identified weaknesses in your tax plan - and what correcting these weaknesses could save you in taxes

    • A list of potential issues in your bookkeeping that could be costing you thousands - we've seen certified bookkeepers and accountants double business revenue creating a tax nightmare

    • Missed compliance items, such as missed payroll filings, unpaid payroll taxes, missing sales tax, and more.  We don't want you to get a notice in two years with a big fine attached

    • Recommendations for resolving the issues we've identified

  • We'll sit down with you for an hour to go over your report and allow you to ask questions so you can make sure you understand the information we're providing you.  

Who Are We?

We are a firm of small business tax experts with a wholistic approach to business management.  Every day we work with small business owners to help resolve tax issues, get their financial systems on track, and implement a proactive approach to taking care of their business moving forward- and reducing their tax bill by thousands.  In other words - we're an accounting firm that cares about our small business clients and their bottom line.

Tax Savings Analysis

Grab Your Analysis for $997


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