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Bookkeeping, Cash Flow Management, Financial Strategy

Our outsourced CFO and advisory services are tailored to our client's needs.  We work closely with our small business clients to identify weaknesses in their current business models, set goals, and create a strategic plan to reach those goals.  We then help clients implement their plan and pivot as needed.


Some points that we touch on:

Cash Flow Management

Budgets, Projections, and Proforma Financial Statements

Advanced Tax Planning

Theft and Risk Management

Advertising Return on Investment

New Product and Service Development

Standard Operating Procedures - Development, Implementation, and Analysis/Correction 

Reverse Profit Engineering

Employee Management and Labor Matrix Development



Tax Representation & Resolution

Tax issues can be scary, but chances are as a small business owner at some point in time you will receive correspondence from a taxing agency that requires action on your behalf.  We help clients navigate these scenarios with confidence.  Our professionals are licensed to provide representation in all 50 states.

Areas of representation include business and personal income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, specialty taxes such as fuel tax.  We are experienced in a variety of resolutions including offer in compromise, currently not collectible, full and partial pay installment agreements, doubt as to liability, substitute for return, penalty abatement, and more.

We handle both business and individual clients who are behind on their tax filing obligations in addition to those clients who are dealing with balances due and audits.


Planning for Current & Future Years

Taxes are one of the largest expenses that small business owners will incur.  With proactive tax planning some of these taxes can be reduced.  With our tax planning we look at our client's current tax picture and their short and long term financial goals to create a tax plan that fits their needs.  We use a variety of tax strategies to reduce our clients taxes.  Because we also provide extensive tax representation services we are able to identify strategies that do not hold up under audit and we are able to assist our clients in implementing documentation to substantiate the strategies we use.  Our tax planning is practical and powerful, our strategies include:

Augusta Loophole

Section 1202 Exclusion

S-Corporation and Other Special Entity Elections

Reasonable Compensation Studies

Like-Kind Exchanges

Accountable Plans

Cost-Segregation Studies



Tax Preparation for Both Business and Individual Returns and Full Charge Bookkeeping

Our services are not just limited to the higher end advisory services, we also provide tax preparation for both businesses and individuals as well as full charge bookkeeping services.  Because of our experience in tax planning and representation you can rest assured our bookkeeping is done properly - in a way that you can easily navigate an audit.  

These services take a cornerstone as some of our simplest, but most imperative.  Without proper bookkeeping and taxes tax planning, fractional CFO, and other services can't work to their full capacity.  

Gone are the days of relying on bookkeepers who have taken a few courses in Quickbooks.  You deserve bookkeepers who are educated and knowledgeable not just in the software - but also in tax regulations and accounting concepts.

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