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Thank You for Your Purchase

We're excited to work with you on your tax savings analysis.  We need to collect some information from you in order to start identifying tax savings.  Below you will find a list of items that we would like you to upload for us.  We'll have you upload your documents and reports to our secure tax portal.  We'll also have you fill out our tax planning questionnaire.  

Once we have the information we need we'll get to work combing through your documents.  Based on the documents you upload and the responses to the questions on our questionnaire we may request additional information/reports.  Please make sure you add to your contact list so that you can make sure you see these email requests. 


Please allow two weeks after you upload all of your documentation for us to prepare your report.  Once we have your report ready we will reach out to you to schedule a meeting where we will walk you through the different areas of your report and answer questions you may have.  Please utilize our secure portal located here to upload the following returns and reports:

Tax Returns

We will need you to upload your business and personal income tax returns for the last three years.  Please include all federal, state, and local returns.


If your company runs payroll please upload the payroll details report for the past three years along with the current year.  Please include your company's W2s, 941s (or 942s or 943s), 940s, and any state and local filings.  

Current Tax Planning and Strategies

If you are currently utilizing any tax planning strategies and/or have a formal tax plan please upload all associated information for us to look over.

Financial Statements

Please upload the following financial statements:

  • Beginning and End of Year Balance Sheets for the last 3 years and a current end of month balance sheet

  • Profit and Loss Statements for the last 3 years and a current profit and loss through the end of the last month

  • Accounts Payable Summaries

  • Accounts Receivable Summaries

Corporate Documentation

We will need to look over any corporate documentation you may have including the operating agreement, employment agreements, and loan documentation to and from shareholders and the business.

Notices, Bookkeeping, & Other Information

If you have received any notices from a taxing agency please upload those.  We would also like to take a look at your bookkeeping.  If you utilize either Quickbooks Online, Xero, or Wave please add as an accountant user.  If you utilize Quickbooks Desktop please provide a backup file with password.  If you use an alternative bookkeeping program please upload the general ledger for each year.

What Our Clients Say

Construction Worker

With our previous firms we would have never known we didn't owe the 13k in taxes.  We would have received the bill, paid it, and just assumed it was part of doing business.

Indoor Riding Arena
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