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This package includes three accounting questions each month.  


Access our accounting experts to help you manage your businesses.  This subscription renews monthly.



  • Three Questions per Month
  • Company Dashboard
  • Email support
  • Access to client discounts on our services and partner software programs including:
    • Bookkeeping with our firm
    • Tax preparation with our firm
    • Tax Planning with our firm 
    • Tax Resolution with our firm 
    • Payroll Services
    • Access to our extensive referral network of providers
    • Software discounts through our preferred partners


This service is governed by our Engagement Letter for Ask an Accountant Membership.  A signed engagement letter must be submitted prior to the service being provided.

Ask an Accountant Monthly Membership

Price Options
Ask an Accountant
$67.00every month until canceled
  • The monthly membership comes with three question credits per month.  

    • Question credits expire after 4 months.
    • If at any time the membership lapses all credits will immediately expire.
    • Credits may not be used if the membership is not active.
    • Additional credits may be purchased for $27 per two additional questions.  These additional question credits do not expire as long as the membership is active.  Upon lapse of the membership the additional credits will immediately expire and be unavailable.

    The question credits can be used to ask a question in writing via email or through our client portal.  Answers will be provided in writing through our client portal.  The questions will not be answered unless the engagement letter is signed.

    Answers provided through this membership are not a substitute for advice from an accountant or an attorney and are to be used as general advice only.  This membership does not provide specific advice that is tailored to the member or the member's business(es).  It is the member's responsibility to do their own due diligence in determining if they and/or their company is subject to different regulations.  

    Questions will be answered in 72 hours unless additional time is needed to provide an answer.  If additional time is needed the member will be notified that additional time is needed.  The member recognizes that questions submitted via email may have a slower response rate in the event the email is not received in the email inbox.  

    The member recognizes that not all questions can be answered by this service and that if a question cannot be answered the question credit will not be used for that question.

    Questions with multiple parts may use multiple question credits.  This is at the discretion of Marietti Accounting Services LLC.  

    This is a nonrefundable membership.  Failure to use the question credits does not void the membership and does not entitle the member to a refund.

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