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What is an IP Pin?

An IP pin is an identity protection pin. This pin is used by taxpayers to prevent someone from filing a federal tax return with their indentification number (ie a social security number).

If someone tries to file a tax return with someone's identification number without the IP pin the return will be rejected. The person trying to file the return will be notified that their return has been rejected because they did not include the IP pin with their return.

How Can This Be Used By Survivors?

Survivors of domestic violence may need to prevent their social security number or other identification number from being used on a tax return. The survivor can file for an IP pin on the IRS website (link below). They will need to provide an address for the pin to be mailed to. The only people who will be able to use their social security number on a return are those who know the IP pin. This pin changes every year.

Key Points:

  • An IP pin can be applied for online or in person (you'll need to verify your identity)

  • You'll need to be able to access the mail at the address on file with the IRS (this mailing address can be changed)

  • The IP pin changes every year - each year you'll receive a new pin in the mail

  • If someone tries to use your social security number without the IP pin the return will be rejected and they will be notified why

  • Minors are eligble for IP pins

You can find more information and file for an IP pin here

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