Accounting Basics: Types of Journals

There are multiple different types of accounting journals that you should be aware of. If you are using an accounting program the one you will most likely be working with is the general journal. This journal is fairly simple and you will need to fill in the accounts for the journal entry, the amounts being debited and credited, and a description for the transaction. The general journal is kind of a catch all journal for transactions that do not fit into a specialty journal.

The four specialty journals I talk about are the sales journal, which is used for recording sales on account, the cash receipts journal, for cash sales. I also discussed the cash payments journal for cash payments and the purchases journal for purchases made on account. When working with an accounting program they automatically record the entries into the appropriate journals and you will most likely not have to pull a sales or purchases journal. If you are learning accounting, especially if you are working with paper examples, these are great journals to take a look at and have an understanding of their format. You will see the similarities when recording sales and purchases in your accounting program.

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