Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the process look like to work with you? What do I need to do to ensure you have all the information you need? 


Our process is dependent on the services that you and your business need.  All of our services start with a free initial phone consultation.  This is a great way for us to "meet" and get to know each other and the needs of your business.  We offer a range of services from bookkeeping and outsourced CFO services to tax planning, preparation, and representation.  During our phone consultation we go over where your business is now, what compliance issues may be present (such as unfiled tax returns), and what your goals for your business are in the future.  We will also take the time to answer questions you may have so you can make sure we're a good fit for your business.  After our initial consultation we may need more information such as access to your bookkeeping program, copies of tax notices, etc so we have a full picture of your needs.  After we have the information necessary we put together a quote for service packages.  


Upon signing an engagement letter and making the payment as outlined in the engagement letter we begin the onboarding process.  This includes getting a process set up for exchanging information, getting us set up for access to what we need, and creating a workflow for service which is dependent on your needs.  


Throughout our service engagement we keep an open line of communication to ensure that our service package is continuing to meet the needs of your business as it grows and changes.


2. How do you get my financial info?


If we need access to your financial information we set up the process during onboarding.  Access may include adding us as an accountant user to your bookkeeping program, setting up read only access/accountant access to pull bank statements, and getting set up on bill pay if we will be processing bill payments for you.  If you are a tax resolution client we may need to have you sign Form 2848 Power of Attorney so we may communicate with the IRS and other taxing agencies on your behalf.


3. How do your clients know what they can budget for?


Part of our outsourced CFO service involves looking at cash flow and budgeting.  We meet with our clients regularly to discuss spending needs, emergency and unexpected expenses, and projected activity.


4. How often should I be hearing from you in a month? What kind of communication channels do you typically use to interact with clients?


This is entirely dependent on our service package.  Some clients we reach out to at least twice a week and some clients we meet with quarterly.  Most of our clients meet with us once to twice a month with regular communication in-between.


5. How quickly can I expect a reply back from you?


We try to respond to emails within 2 business days. However if additional research needs to be completed or we are waiting on information (such as from the IRS or other taxing agency) we may not have a solution available immediately.


6. Do you provide any proactive strategic advice or guidance?


Yes!  Our initial consultation and ongoing business discussions determine the depth of our advice and guidance.  We firmly believe that proper financial management and good tax planning should generate a positive ROI.  We want our services to more than pay for themselves.


7. How long have you been doing this? What type of clients do you typically work with?


Marietti Accounting Services LLC was formed in 2018.  Prior to working at her own firm Whitney worked for other CPA and bookkeeping firms as well as private businesses.  Whitney's background is in the equine, veterinary, and agriculture industries. But we work with a variety of small businesses.  Our typical clients are outsourced CFO and tax planning clients who are looking for ways to operate in a more profitable manner and who want pay less tax.


8. What accounting software platforms do you use?


Whitney is certified in Quickbooks and Xero.  We utilize Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, and a variety of other accounting programs in our practice. 


9. What is your hourly or package price? For what reasons would I see additional fees/charges?


We do not charge hourly rates (outside of tax representation cases). Our fees are based on the services we are providing.  After our initial consultation we provide a quote for services.  We have chosen to implement a flat rate for the majority of our services because it allows for better budgeting and eliminates surprises for our clients.  Additional fees may be incurred if a client asks us to provide additional service or if we have a reimbursable expense.  Additional charges are discussed with clients prior to us moving ahead with the change in scope or addition to the engagement. 


10. When/How will I pay for your services?


Generally services are paid in full prior to work beginning.  We issue an invoice via email and accept payment by debit/credit card, ach transfer, or check.  Our engagement letter will spell out payment terms. 


11. What would the monthly/quarterly/annual deliverables look like from you? On what date should I expect to receive them?


This is entirely dependent on the client and level of service.  For our bookkeeping clients generally we provide the income statement (profit and loss) and balance sheet.  For our CFO clients we often include accounts payable and accounts receivable summaries, cash flow statements, reports by class, location, job, employee, projections, budgets, key performance indicators, etc.  Each business is unique and what we provide needs to provide data on the health of the business and provide actionable information for the running of the business.  The date reports are ready is often dependent on external variables such as vendor statements, bank statements, etc. 


12. Will the books remain mine even if service is terminated?


The records in the bookkeeping program remain the clients.  If the books are not kept in a cloud based program we provide backups to departing clients with current accounts.  The client is responsible for any continuing subscription payments upon departure which may affect accessibility of their data.  Our work papers stay with the firm which is standard procedure in the accounting industry. 


13. Do you have a client or two that I can talk to about their experience?


We take the privacy of our client's seriously and adhere to the federal regulations of circular 230.  Circular 230 does not permit us to disclose client information (including names) to anyone without their explicit written permission for each party.  As such we do not provide client information for potential clients to contact.  


14. Do you work with businesses outside of the equine, veterinary, and agriculture industries?


Yes we do have clients outside of these industries.  If there is am industry that we feel has complex requirements beyond our skill set we have a group of accountants we can refer you to for services.