Equine Virtual Office

Our equine virtual office gives our clients a management solution that compliments our bookkeeping and tax services.  The benefits are multi-faceted, with us being involved in the daily activities of the business we make sure all transactions have the appropriate documentation for your bookkeeping and your business is tax ready.  It makes tax planning easier and eliminates most of the back and forth of the bookkeeping process.  Our clients also get to benefit from our years of industry experience in training, breeding, exporting, boarding, and lesson programs.  Instead of wondering if your business needs additional office staff you can outsource the tasks you need without having to pay for another full time employee or trying to find seasonal help during your busy months.  Some of the common tasks we take care of for our clients:













All Operations

Vet care coordination including tracking vaccinations, coggins, health certificate, dental care, etc

Farrier care coordination

Advertising coordination

Feed/shavings/etc ordering and delivery coordination

Expense documentation 

Client communication

Breeding Operations

Receiving/processing/submitting breeding contracts

Coordinating semen collection, requests, and deliveries

Processing chute and delivery fees

Mare care coordination

Coordinating testing for exporting semen

Foal registration and nomination

Training and Racing/Showing Operations

Client association registration

Trainer association registration

Show/race entry submissions

Paperwork coordination - we send you to each show/race with a complete virtual file that has all paperwork you need along with a list of original paperwork to bring with you.  No more carrying around that huge binder and trying to make sense of the mess in the entry office.  

Exporting Operations

Testing coordination

Flight coordination

Sale Operations

Sale paperwork management

Veterinary examination coordination

Boarding Operations

Paperwork management

Lesson Operations

Lesson scheduling

Paperwork management

We get you out of the office and back into the barn.  Interested in discussing your needs?  We offer all new clients a free consultation to make sure we're a good fit for each other.  



Dublin, OH 43017

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