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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 
Exclusive Offer

Business Plan

One-On-One Strategy Sessions

This black Friday and cyber Monday we are opening up our firm offerings for some commonly requested services.  We generally do not provide one-on-one hourly sessions to anyone who is not a current client on a premium package of ours.  It's not that we don't see the value in these services, on the contrary we have seen how the strategy sessions we provide have completely changed our client's businesses.  

With the changes in taxes and various relief programs that have changed the way many small businesses handle their finances we have seen a huge increase in demand for one-on-one sessions.  

Let me make it clear - we are not adding this service to our ongoing offerings here.

But we are opening up our books to a limited number of one-on-one strategy session clients.  Here's how it works:

  • You get three one-on-one hour long strategy sessions with firm owner Whitney Marietti

  • Our current client rate for these is $250 per hour - we're giving you these sessions at our current client rate

  • We're throwing in a few bonuses:

    • First we're doing all of the pre and post prep for your strategy sessions.  You don't have to pay additional for the time we put in in between (up to 6 hours of work - that's a $1,500 bonus right there)​

    • We'll pull from our document vault resources that are relevant to your business and questions.  We do NOT offer these for sale and we only provide these to premium clients

    • We'll send you over our tax ready checklist.  This is a checklist we use internally when we have a new business come in for tax services.  If you want to know if your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed before you file your tax return this checklist is going to show you

What is open for discussion and addressing during these strategy sessions?

  • Anything related to your business as long as it is:

    • Related to taxes​

    • Related to financial management

    • Related to bookkeeping

    • This can include payroll, tax planing, questions about tax structures, bookkeeping systems and workflow, cashflow management, etc

  • We will not cover:

    • Any legal questions - we're not a law firm​

    • International Tax - this is for US-based businesses only

    • Non-profit questions - non-profits are not our specialty

Black Friday Order Form

Grab Your Sessions for $750!


We're looking forward to working with you!  Please check your email and add to your contact list.

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