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You Deserve a Better Accountant
Introducing Our New
Ask an Accountant Subscription

For $67 a Month You Get Access to Our Business Tax and Finance Experts!

Have a quick question about recording a transaction in Quickbooks?  Want more information on a S-Corp?  How many times do you have a quick question that you need to run past an accountant, but you don't have the ability to without paying a large hourly consultation rate?

We know that having access to an accountant can make your life easier throughout the year and we want to make sure you have the resources you need to run your business successfully.

Our Ask an Accountant subscription works to fill this need for small business owners. 


Here's how it works:


You'll get an invite to our client portal.  You can access it via the website or through our mobile app.


You can submit your questions via our portal or via email.  Once you submit a question we'll send a request for any additional information we may need.


We'll compile answers and upload them to your portal.  We answer questions with a combination of direct written answers, helpful info sheets and handouts, and/or helpful links and articles.

Once you sign up for your subscription you'll get invited to our client portal.  This portal allows you to submit questions, upload paperwork, and download resources our accountants send you.  Our portal is accessible on the website and through our mobile app.  This makes the process of asking our accountants questions on the go seamless.

You can submit questions to our accountants via the client portal or via email.  We'll follow up with information requests if needed.  When we answer your questions we do so with a combination of direct written answers, helpful information sheets, handouts, process sheets, forms, helpful links, and/or articles.  Our goal is to help you understand the why behind your taxes.

Questions are answered within 72 hours of getting all of the relevant information related to your question.  We answer them in writing through our client portal - you'll receive an email notification when they are complete.  You will never again forget what you're accountant said - if you do you can easily look it up in your client portal.  You are also free to download the written answers to store in your own information database.  

Once you sign up you'll be onboarded to our client portal and an engagement letter will be sent over via signature.  You do not have to wait to submit your questions, as soon as you purchase your membership you can send your questions to  Please make sure it is coming from the email you used when purchasing your membership.  We do require that your engagement letter is signed prior to releasing any answers.  


  • How many questions can I ask?  Our subscription comes with up to 3 question credits per month.

  • If questions are not used within the month do they expire?  Question credits that are included in the monthly membership are valid for up to 4 months as long as the membership is active.  Question credits that are purchased on top of the monthly membership credits do not expire as long as there is an active membership.  If the membership lapses all question credits will expire. 

  • How detailed of questions can I ask?  We provide general advice through our membership.  We will ask questions that will help guide our answers, but without working closely with your business we may not have all the relevant facts to make specific recommendations for you and your company.  We do however work to provide comprehensive guidance for our members to be able to successfully understand the answer to their question in most cases and/or where they need additional research for their business. 

  • What topics are covered?  This is a great question!  We cover questions related to US based companies and standards as they relate to the following topics;

    • Bookkeeping utilizing Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, Xero, Wave, and some additional programs.  If you have questions on if your bookkeeping program is covered please email us at

    • Cash management, financial statement questions, and other business management questions.

    • US Business tax returns including Schedule Cs, Schedule Fs, Schedule Es, Form 1065, Form 1120-S, and Form 1120 (along with supporting schedules and forms).  We do not answer questions regarding non-profits.

    • Tax Planning methods, we will answer questions like what does a S-Corp do, but we cannot answer questions specific to your situation such as "Should I make a S-Corporation election."  This is for US based companies only.

    • Tax representation questions such as what is an offer in compromise, what is an installment agreement, etc.

  • Does this take the place of other accounting services?  This subscription is meant to act as a supplement to other accounting services and does not take the place of the advice of an accountant and/or attorney.

  • Can I get questions answered on a phone call, video call, or in person?  Due to the nature of the service we provice this service via our client portal, in writing, only.  If you are looking for more in depth and customized services we do offer those through our firm.  Membership clients receive a discount on additional services.  Please reach out to us for more information.

A signed engagement letter will be required for all services.  A copy for your signature will be delivered to your email when you purchase your service.

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