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Identify Errors Before They Become a Problem
Introducing Our New
IRS Account Monitoring Subscription

For $27 a Month We Monitor You IRS Account for Any Issues!
When You Sign Up

Worried about missed tax filings?  Wanting an easier way to monitor changes on your IRS account?  Looking for peace of mind that any issues with the IRS will be timely identified before they become an issue?

We know that having an accountant monitor your IRS account for changes can lift a huge weight off of your shoulders.  Having a knowledgeable set of eyes on your side can be the difference between thousands in penalties and interest.

Our IRS Account Monitoring Subscription does this for you!


Here's how it works:


You'll get an invite to our client portal.  You can access it via the website or through our mobile app.


You'll submit your IRS release form so we can begin monitoring your account.  We'll be able to pull information on your account and identify audits, balances owed, and other issues.


We'll monitor your account throughout the month.  If any issues come up we'll let you know.  We'll also upload a monthly report into your portal for your peace of mind.

Once you sign up for your subscription you'll get invited to our client portal.  Our portal is accessible on the website and through our mobile app.  We'll upload the documentation that we need you to sign to give us permission to pull your IRS reports.

You can sit back and work on the things that matter while we keep an eye on your IRS account for you.  Throughout the month we'll pull your transcripts and keep an eye out for any changes.  If changes do occur that you need to be notified of we will reach out to you and let you know.  Each month we will upload a report to your portal of any changes to your transcripts.

Once you sign up you'll be onboarded to our client portal.  We will send over an engagement letter and a release form.  


  • How many accounts will you monitor?  Our subscription comes with monitoring for one taxpayer identification number.  If you have more than one that you need monitored you can purchase multiple subscriptions.

  • What happens if a change occurs on my IRS account?  We'll let you know of any changes that may need addressed when we see them hit your account.  If the change is a normal change such as a tax filing being added to your account we will provide that information in your monthly report. 

  • Will you address any issues on my account?  Our subscription is a monitoring service.  While we do address IRS issues that would be done through a separate service.  If an issue arises we would be more than happy to provide a quote to address the issue at that time.

A signed engagement letter will be required for all services.  A copy for your signature will be delivered to your email when you purchase your service.

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