We're a small accounting firm dedicated to helping equine professionals, farm owners, and veterinarians get back to doing what they love.
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About Us

Located in Dublin, OH we were founded by Whitney Marietti to provide the equine, agriculture, and veterinary industries with personalized accounting services that meet their individualized needs.  After working with a number of small business owners in the industry and seeing how drastically their needs varied from a typical business Whitney decided to start an accounting firm that focuses on the industry's specialized needs.  Whitney grew up in Dublin and worked on a small horse farm prior to moving to Texas to pursue training horses.  There she worked as a horse trainer and later as a veterinary assistant while she went back to school to pursue an accounting education.  After moving back to Ohio to be closer to her family Whitney worked under CPAs and wanted to create a comprehensive set of services that focused on not only compliance, but cash flow and profitability management and tax planning.

Whitney is a licensed Enrolled Agent and has unlimited practice rights before the IRS.  Three professional licenses grant unlimited practice rights before the IRS, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents.  The Enrolled Agent license is awarded directly by the IRS making it a federal designation rather than a state designation.  This allows Whitney to represent clients across the U.S.

With a combination of accounting education and small business management experience the staff at Marietti Accounting Services, LLC works to help small business owners do more of what they love.

Our accountants are Quickbooks Online and Xero certified.